Why podcasting sucks!

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk! Usually, I would never make such a statement, but there’s a method to my chosen lingo.

Did you know that 88% of podcast subscribers listen to every episode? Are that podcast subscriptions surpassed the 1 billion mark years ago? In fact, 1 out of 5 Americans prioritize listening to podcast despite busy schedules – that’s no easy feat. So why aren’t the numbers adding up for you? So glad you asked.

Podcasting requires time, just like cooking or learning a new instrument. It’s not something you do once and bam – instant following. Perhaps the reason it sucks is because it requires a few things that we aren’t always prepared for. So get unstuck and suck less with these tips.

    1. Invest in the right equipment. Sure it will cost a few bucks, but having good sound quality is important to your listeners. Speak in a tone that engages listeners, not a tone that berates or causes them to strain to hear you. Your information is important and the only way they are going to hear it, is if you operate with the right tools. Headphones, software, mixers, etc are worthwhile investments overtime.
    2. Keep going. Years ago I started a podcast and stopped after 3 episodes because I had maybe 3-5 people listening. How silly was that? We can’t give up just because people haven’t discovered our content yet. Instead, focus on the 5, 50, or 500 listeners and give them what they need – a laugh, direction or a friendly reminder on how your services helps them. Who knows the people I could have helped if I had stayed in the game.
    3. Content makes the world go round. Okay, maybe not, but people eat, sleep and buy content that serves them well. Figure out your audience and what they need and supply content that benefits them. If you are talking about babies one week, makeup the next and types of sand the third week – you might have an issue with creating content that is relevant and strong. Focus on one thing and build from there, yes you can have variations, but the content has to be strong.
    4. You aren’t talking about your podcast. Your website, social media channels and every fan, follower and even foe, should know about your podcast. Again, it’s not one and done, but a steady stream of emails, invites and post highlighting what your audience will gain from tuning in. You can’t simply get the equipment, select a topic and expect 100 people to download your podcast. Instead, market it to the right people and go from there.
    5. It’s all about you. Podcast are personal. It’s an opportunity to laugh, learn and grow. Therefore, take the spotlight off of you and focus on your audience and guest. Focus on how they have been helped, what they do differently since tuning in and how you can deliver more of what they want and need. Give out prizes, ask for success stories, read listener questions. In short, be involved.

What would you add to the list? Name some of your your favorite podcast? Hopefully this list helped you open your mind to a few other things you can do to get the hang of Podcasting. It’s not something everyone desires to do, but maybe the tips given above will help you get back in the game.