I Know Somebody Houston boast over six thousand followers on social media and is one of the most active female based social media sites in the Houston area. Known for connecting women in professional services, I Know Somebody wanted to create and share one singular message and purpose.

After a series of meetings with the executive board, we determined the top 3 key messages and tone to be shared online. We also determined the best times and content to post to keep audiences engaged. To build and maintain the audience, we hosted several twitter chats, created hashtags to be used in discussions and ultimately created in person events that reflected the online presence. Ultimately, I Know Somebody Houston wants to use its online presence to drive views, clicks, content and donations to the website.

We also incorporated online videos, questions of the day and other ideas. We saw a surge in online activity that was consistent with the brand and has increased our share and response rate by 45%. The average response time to social media activity (questions about the organization, events, job postings, etc) is less than 15 minutes.

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