What’s in Your Branding Toolkit?!

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

Have you ever thought about what you need in your Branding Toolkit? You know, the things that will help build and maintain your brand? It is not limited to a website or even a catchy tag line. It is about having the tools others will need to connect, hire or refer you.

Let’s get to the list:

  1. Completed and active social media profiles. No matter your platform of choice – it needs to be fully completed and be active. This simply means you should have resent post about the products or services you provide
  2. High Res Photos Рyou will be shocked at the number of people that do not have professional photos featuring products, services or you in action.  Have at least 2-5 photos  ready to go on your website or portfolio that journalist can use.
  3. About me. Perhaps this can go on your website or Linkedin profile. Either way potential customers need to know more about you. No, I am not talking about if you prefer boxers or briefs or the types of pizza you like. This section is about who you are and what you bring to the table for customers.
  4. Business Card – yes some folks still carry business cards in 2018 and nothing is wrong with that! However, whether it is a business card, QR Code or sticker, having something that people can read is key. Get creative so people use your card and not store it in a drawer.
  5. Video – you knew it was coming. But with the longevity of videos and the wide pace of streaming, anything showing you in action is worth having. For instance, a time lapse video of you flipping a home or a FB Live filled with tips on traveling on a budget counts.
  6. Logo – this may change or evolve over time, yet you want to have it. This helps people identify you.