Make Room For Branding

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

At some point in our lives, we clean up, make things tidy, spruce up our space and even throw things away that we no longer use. It is rare to see people apply the same level of intensity to their brands.

Make room for branding isn’t just a title – but a suggestion. Make room for the things that will enhance and highlight your brand vs things that don’t help or grow your business.

Everything has steps. Even if it is a short list, the same can be applied to trimming ideas that no longer serve us or our customers.

Take Starbucks. They have branded so well that people go there just to be apart of the in crowd. People don’t want coffee – they want Starbucks! They don’t want to go to any ole coffee shop to catch up with friends again – Starbucks.

In order to make room for branding, you have to trim your services. Think about Chick-fil-a. They don’t have an extensive menu. It’s either nuggets or a sandwich. By focusing on what actually sells you can create and sell more of it.

What do people want? There are times when you will hear the same question over and over and over again from customers. Don’t strung it off, instead look for ways to hone in on the questions they have and build on that.

Ask for help. There are times when we have reached our max. We have made money. Helped 100’s of people. Spent 100 hours studying all to slow down to what feels like a crawl in business. Instead of getting discouraged, hire a coach. Why because coaches win championships! They work with the team. They build. They take risk and rely on past knowledge to win. The same holds true for you. When you get to that level bring in someone that can help you surge forward.