Broadcast Your Brilliance

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

You are who Google says you are! If you don’t have a crisp social media footprint – create one NOW.

Our digital footprints are so important these days, especially as business owners. People want to know who we are. What we do. What we have achieved and can we do it for them? The answer may be a resounding HELL YES, but if you aren’t online highlighting services, events or results, people will forget about you.

Have you noticed the people you follow and interact with online? Do they come off as dull? Do they post grainy photos? Do they talk in circles? Chances are they don’t. I am willing to bet the people or brands you follow are clear on who they serve and what they serve. If it is a hotel the water is stunning. Everybody looks happy. If it is an eatery – the food looks delicious and you aren’t worried about calories. If it is a city – you quickly start thinking about what you can explore. The same is true with your brand. Learn how to broadcast your brilliance in three easy steps.

  1. Seek reviews – perhaps you taught a course or helped someone achieve a goal. Highlight that online for others to see. Show that you helped solve a problem or something that was a pain point for others. The reviews don’t have to be super detailed but it should speak to the service and what the person learned or enjoyed the most. Simply saying Meg is a rock star does nothing to sell your services. However, if you say Meg is a rock star designer that helped me create an office space packed with color and rare art that has become Instagram worthy – makes all the difference. How would you want people to talk about their experience with you?
  2. Get connected – yes “connection, connected and connect” are all buzz words now, but they carry power. When you connect with someone online that is wonderful , but when you connect  offline it is even better. Use social media to connect with others that have the same interest as you or ideal clients. Read their post. Share their post. Comment. Those are all ways to actually stand out from the folks that are scrolling without comment.
  3. People send anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes commuting to work and other places. Meet them where they are by creating a podcast they can listen to on the go. Create a program around a hot or emerging topic and be engaging. With social media, you don’t have to be a best kept secret anymore.

How are you showing others your brilliance?