Stage Your Brand Like A Model Home

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

There is something about a model home that makes you instantly feel like you are on vacation – at least for women.  The bright lights. The photos on the wall. The cool air blowing. The aroma of fresh paint.  The nice yard.

All of it makes you think of home – a new home. A place you want to be yours today. As I watch new houses being built, it makes me wonder why people enjoy seeing model homes and why some companies have a model home park that is $15 dollars to enter. In exchange for the fee, you will tour numerous homes that you would want to purchase.

So let’s take a page out of the model home playbook.

  1. Get Visual. You rarely walk into an empty model home. Instead, they have photos, mirrors, popcorn machines, beautiful bedding and towels that make you stop and look. It plays on the visual emotion. Think about Man Caves or Garages where men can think about tools, working out or hanging out over a card game.
  2. Stay clear. I have yet to see a model home with clothes everywhere and dishes in the sink. Nope they keep the area clean. They keep it tidy. Why? Because they want you to feel at ease. When a brand has too much going on people get confused and don’t buy. They don’t understand the message a person or brand wants to convey.
  3. Highlight the best. Have you noticed model homes play up certain rooms. The family room. The game room with the popcorn machine and game boards. They do it to get you to pay attention and visualize what you can do to the room.
  4. Be friendly. No one would purchase a home from a mean, overly aggressive realtor. It is a relationship. It is one that both parties understand and truth be told. It can make or break your brand or your sell. When companies come on too strong people will retreat and not only that they will likely tell others to avoid the company.

So highlight your best. Show the world what you are working with and tap into emotions. That is the only way true connections are made.