Let’s Get Visual

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

There was a song in the 80’s that said the following words: Let’s get physical, physical. I want to get physical.
Let’s get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, your body talk. I am not sure WHAT she was talking about – but it was a popular song.

Today this post is about being visual and how it can make or break your brand.  Social Media has quickly turned into visual media, meaning we want to see it to believe it. This is good news for companies, nonprofits, people and houses of worship looking to connect with people. You can draw a person in by offering graphics that brings the scrolling to a halt! Is there a magic number or formula? Is there a magic graphic that speaks to everyone each time? Short answer no, but the goal is to get people intuned with your brand.

How does it work? Depends on the audience  you want to reach. It you are going for a somber tone black and white images or lettering works. If you want something more crisp and happy Рthere is no limit to what actually gets attention. Think about car sales people. The car looks good Рuntil you place a shiny big red bow on it. NOW it looks new. People do a double take. People pay attention. Not only that they post about it and probably scroll to see what cars or trucks are available.

Getting visual means selecting photos people will pay attention to and actually like. It means nothing dull or overly decorated. Why because it will become to confusing to figure out. Keep it clean.

Wondering why some memes are so popular? Mostly because they find something most people can identify with and like and there is a hint of humor in it.

As you plan out your visual graphics for your blog, social media, newsletter or website – think about what other people want to see. What type of stories will come from it? What makes them stop scrolling and pay attention to you?

Think about these things as you build out your plan.