The Lifespan of Video

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

By now, you know videos are a good way to champion a cause, highlight products or educate others. People treat phones like children and keep them cause by always clicking, checking and sharing content they like. If you aren’t producing video – you are missing out on readers, followers, supporters and most likely money.

What good is your service if no one experiences it? Don’t believe me? Look at these numbers around video according to wordstream.

Now what does this have to do with you? Everything. When you post images people pay attention – when you post engaging or eye catching images or videos people take action and that is the goal – get them to act. Get them to be apart of your newsletter. Get them to try a new type of Smoothie. Encourage them to test drive a car or even get someone else to do the dishes for them. Our world is SHOW ME and SHOW ME NOW and if you don’t want your company to fall behind – you gotta dip your toe in the video waters.

We have outlined the numbers for those consuming videos – but let’s address the shelf life of a video. Reserach has shown that the life of a video is six days. 75% of the engagement you get happenisns within the first five hours. While I am not sure if those numbers are spot on or far off – it is true that people will “tune in” and watch videios daily – sometimes for hours! The key is even if 158 people see your video that number can climb to millions when shared or if someone digs it up and brings new life to it.

In all, the take a way from this article is to produce videos. Add captions because most watch videos with the sound off and tag people that will find it helpful. Don’t distress if your video hovers around 19 views, be consistent. Answer questions. Give a sneak peek or advice. Show parts of your identity and keep it simple.