Engaging Black Millennials

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

I did not see it coming! An article about Black Millennials and what it means for your social or public relations campaign. I am a Millennial and it zaps me when I hear the word. Actually I cringe.  What helps is I have taken a look at how Millennials helps companies determine where they should place where to place energy and money.

Since every person is different – there is no one way to say what each person will do. But there’s ton of research on how a person will react and how to best reach them when advertising a product or service. If you are creating a plan that is inclusive of Black Millennials, consider this.:

  1. 82% of millennials listen to word of mouth endorsements. So that about what you want them to hear and experience with your company.
  2. 60% use their phone to research – think brunch spots, travel places, clothes and sports.  Reach users where they are – on the phone.
  3. Create a mobile friendly site. Most sites want you to stick around longer than 20 seconds, but if it is not mobile friendly and navigate – people will leave and not return.

Check back next week for more ways to integrate a stellar campaign that influences and wins millennials.