Is Your Branding Suffering From Performance Anxiety?

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Everyday a new article is posted about building engaging and strong brands. We hear about what it takes to not only survive but thrive in the business. We click on photos. We listen to podcast. We sort through hours and hours of video on Youtube only to discover that we are yet confused.

So what are you suppose to do when you feel your brand does not measure up? How can you bounce back and kick things into high gear?

  1. Learn what makes your brand glow! If you are known for being a creative brand – create. Do things that will get your brand in front of people that will enjoy and highlight your services. Communicate what the difference is between you and the 99 others in your industry. Don’t view it as boasting but rather as informing others about what you do well.
  2. Get focused- perhaps you are swimming in the wrong pond. Instead, make a list of who you can help and how you felt helping them. Take those replies and build your brand around that feeling.
  3. Ask for testimonials – if you find yourself stressed about what others think or how to connect to them, refer back to old business. What did you bring to the table. What words are people using to describe you?
  4. Network – networking has a bad rap. It is the candy no one wants during Halloween and yet it is the most effective way to shine a light on what you are doing. Network with new people that can help you reach your audience. Reach out to former employers, current friends and see what events are coming up that you can be apart of.
  5. ┬áDo a brand reboot. If you are posting daily, helping clients and still not having more calls come in, it might be time for a reboot. This means go back to square one and rebrand. Bonus – if you are nervous about new or current business talk to a friend and see where you feel you are following short. Create space to figure out what is next and how you can get there.