Create a “LIVE” Brand

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

Ok, I will admit it – sometimes people miss out on cool things because they are so busy videoing life as it happens. We see it at concerts, restaurants and literally everywhere we turn.

Face it – people are one their phones 24/7. And if you want to have a brand that goes “LIVE” and builds loyalty you must create a brand that rocks.

1. Be present – take time to enjoy customers interacting with the brand.

2. Have fun – lighten up. Enjoy the excitement that surrounds your brand. Poptarts, Wendy’s and other brands come to life on social media and offer friendly and sometimes stinging banter online.

3. Be responsive – when customers talk trash or truth about your brand be ready to reply and not from a place of anger.

4. Get visual – use photos to tell your brand’s story.

Allow your brand to come to life and you will see the difference it makes.