Got Influence?

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Growing up my parents talked about not following the crowd. You know the talk. Make good decisions. If your friend jumps off a bridge would you?  It was the typical talk most kids had growing up. However, in 2018 the word influence has another connotation – we want to be influenced!! Yes we want to see someone using a scar cream, making a smoothie or testing unbreakable glass. Why? Because seeing is believing.  Here are two reasons we enjoy hearing influencer’s  opinion.

So, why have we fallen for the larger than life idea of being influenced?

One reason is because we view them as genuine. We laugh at the similarities and enjoy the back and forth dialogue.

Those seen as influencer’s believe in what they are pushing.  If someone offered you a slice of cake and said you don’t want any do you? Or if they said here without a smile chances are you would not want the cake.

Can you share a story of how influencing has worked for you.