Is it time to repackage your brand?!?

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

We hear a lot of talk about packaging personal and professional brands. Yet, there are moments when we are completely lost. We have the color scheme. We have the blog. We have the fancy business cards and even a media appearance or ten under our belts. We are known. People like our post. And yet crickets…..big….scary….lonely crickets.

Somehow all the calls bypassed your phone and your shirking bank account. You start to think going into business is not for you! Sometimes, that is true and other times we are at the wrong pool. We are looking for them to purchase books they don’t need. Attend events they don’t have the budget for. We want them to book us. It feels like we are walking up to strangers and saying “buy me, buy me” and they run the opposite way.

So what is happening? Aren’t you doing all the right things? There are moments when you have to stop, drop and roll:

Stop and evaluate what you are doing and how you are sharing information. Are people replying to your post? Are they seeking information from you? Do you feel confident in your services? Do you have people inviting you to present? Do people fully understand what you do and who you serve? Stop and think about what you offer and how it benefits them.

Drop anything and everything that is not beneficial to you.  For instance, if you aren’t a team player – quit applying for jobs that require you to work as a team! Drop the mentality that you are all things to all people. Nope. Get focused! Trim the fat and start to focus on what brings you joy. Test the waters to see what can pivot you.

Roll with it. Now that you have stopped to evaluate what is working or what needs to change you can start the process. Use your platforms to share your message. Ask for feedback.  Think critically and slowly roll out your newness! This means you show up on time. Position yourself and go.


I hope these tips are helpful to you. Repackaging a brand whether personal or professional can be daunting and annoying. We want what we want, but in order to truly live it out – we have to appeal to the audience that will value us most.


Happy Branding!