Light’s, Camera, Action – Telling Your Story Live

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

Most people send hours practicing before they have an interview of any sort. They look at facial expressions. They think about tone. They think about what to do with their hands. However, some are still missing the mark when it comes to interviews. How can you use 5 minutes to truly captivate your audience? Test these tips and see how they can take your next radio or tv interview from lackluster to dazzling.

1. Should like a human. One thing that makes audio books, podcast and even some interviews unbearable to watch or listen to is because they should like a robot. Listen, they want you in the chair – not your twin robot! Add humor, inject personality, play around with your tone.

2. Have examples. Nothing is worse than someone saying you are so mean or so ________ and fail to give true examples. If you helped build 100 homes for kids, say it! If you helped 30 students attend college on scholarship – say it! Don’t waste time sitting there and not have solid examples.

3. Practice. The joy of practicing is based on getting clear about what you want to say. Have you ever had a moment when you wish you had said something??? That’s why having speaking points helps. It allows you to key in on what is most important to your story.