Social media math

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

Some people dread Math. Seriously, everything about it is scary. The numbers. The formulas. The grade. I know plenty of people that have a stuck at the board math story. Yet, someone Math and Branding can be connected. Here’s how:

  1. It’s necessary and can’t be avoided. Even in the world of Square and Online Calculators and the like, Branding is actually essential to starting, growing and maintaining your business or personal brand. How else are you going to land a new opportunity if you avoid it all together? It may be painful, but “checking the numbers” of what you offer and what others stand to gain from you is a good measuring tool. How do you save the company money? What projects have been led by you?
  2. Addition – sometimes before you get completely familiar with a product or service it changes. Think about the people that sale body cleansers one week and have a taxi service the next? You have to know when and why you are adding new services because it may confuse your buyer. As your company grows you will determine what best fits customers.
  3. Subtraction – despite what we read and hear, no one can do everything. Therefore, it is okay to trim services to focus on 1-3 things you do well. Remove anything that is not an added benefit to you or customers.
  4. Solve the problem – much like the ideas mentioned above, solve problems, not cause them. What pain points are you solving?
  5. Show Proof – this is the part that is not always so easy. How have you helped others? What awards have you received? Do you have current testimonials? Do you glorify your clients or yourself? Do you take the money and simply don’t do the work? People want to see what you can do for them. Don’t waste time talking about your services without results. Did you secure a book deal for a client? Did you bake treats for a Grand Opening? Did you make the car buying experience a good one? Did you save a house from foreclosure? Those are the things you should highlight.

What would you add to the list?