Is your brand suffering from Double Vision?

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

Oh. Make it stop! I am sure people with Double Vision consider it a pain and look for ways to improve their vision. With that being said, what is your vision and how do others see it? Is your branding experiencing Double Vision? Does your message match? Let’s spruce up your message and improve your brand health together.

  1. Social Media – We understand the role of Social Media and how it enhances your brand and expertise. We understand that potential clients, supporters and friends can share, like, tweet, your information in an instant with little effort. However, does your Social Media need a boost? Do people clearly understand what they can hire or refer you for? Are they aware of the type of clients you are seeking? If not, you may be suffering from Double Vision. Work with a coach or a group of friends to decide if your social media is attracting the audience you desire.

Pitch- Just like Baseball, pitching takes practice and changes from time to time. Double Vision with your pitch is not a good thing. It simply means what you say and what you hope to deliver is disconnected. Be able to clearly tell people who you are, what you can do for them and listen to their pain points. Ask questions. Be engaged. Generally, you only get a few seconds to chat with a person about your services, so make every second count. If you are a student, talk about how your advanced learning makes you a stand out or a goal you have. Use words such as savvy, applied, completed, improved, etc to show what you have achieved.

Proof – Perhaps you aren’t sure what this means and that is perfectly fine. I often hear friends say if you don’t have a photo, it did not happen and there is some truth to that statement. If you brand yourself as a chef, builder, coach, seamstress, etc, show proof. Post photos of happy customers. Tweet tips. Host an event. Won an award lately? Share it with your network. Did you leave the room in awe during your last presentation? Post testimonials on your website. Did you land a media opportunity? Once again share it so others can see you in action.

While there are several things you can do to enhance your brand for the reminder of 2016, being consistent and clear is key. Don’t stress over achieving all of these objectives in an hour, it takes time and effort to get clear on messaging. Need help figuring out what to do with your brand? Let us help.