How to Survive A PR Crisis

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

We live in a world with no guarantees. One moment the weather is cool and the next it’s a snow storm. One minute our favorite time is on a winning streak and the next they are barely hanging on in their division. This post is dedicated to every person that has experienced a what the heck moment.

First things first, a PR Crisis can happen at any time and while it is not fun, here are two key things to remember.

  1. Tell the truth. If you had a defective product or a CEO behaving badly, own up to it. Your job is to protect your reputation and the reputations of the brand. But not telling the truth, it makes people wonder what else has been kept in the dark. As hard and daunting as it is to ask the hard questions it is necessary.
  2. Learn. No matter the size of the PR Nightmare, make sure you learn something from it. Perhaps it’s reaction time, the type of questions to ask, the best time to post or having one person speak on behalf of the company, either way, learn how to have ideas in place.