Two ways to secure press at your next event:

In Vannessa's Blog by Vannessa Wade

It’s like a refreshing drink on a warm day – it recharges you and hits the spot! It builds community and fuels your soul. Those seeking to create and maintain relationships with press can experience the same emotions. Achieving press for many companies is a high light which means you have to get creative with attracting and ultimately landing media. So what’s a company to do when you have a bright idea, but aren’t sure how to attract press?

  1. Think local. Yes, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CBS This Morning are credible news outlets, however by creating relationships with local reporters, you can enhance your chance of coverage. Local coverage doesn’t equal small audience – in fact local publications are kicking butt by presenting original content people savor.
  2. Press Rewind. There are times when a story on pollution, healthcare, fancy donuts or the best place to snag airline deals are often repeated. When you see that happening and your product, service or event coincides with it – PITCH! Invite local and even national press to be apart of the unveiling of the worlds largest Jelly donuts or apart of a kid inspired fashion show. Knowing what reporters, bloggers and journalist like to cover brings you one step closer to obtaining press.

What ways do you reach out to press?